Year 7
Year 7 Tutors
Key Stage 3 - Student-led Assemblies
Key Stage 3 Assembly 22/2/16 - Student Ambassadors
7LL COALS Building Paper Towers
Key Stage 3 Assembly - January 25th 2016
7LL Birthday Bonanza
Year 7 Residential Trip 2016 - Parent Information Session Presentation
7LL Secret Santa
Secret Santa 2015!
ISP Gift Appeal - How to participate
ISP Gift Appeal 2015
7LL Pose in their Book Day costumes
Book Week Day 1 - Character Parade
7TK Pink Day
7LL "In the Pink!"
Pink Friday - Friday October 9th
Year 7 Digital Studies Enrichment Day
Student Council - Be a LEADER!
7PD Star of the Week
Welcome 7PD
Welcome 7LL
Team Building Week One
Welcome 7TK
Tutor Group Challenge 1 - Newspaper Fashion Task